August 14, 2011

What other lovely people made using my patterns....

A lizard made by Annelot Sombogaard from

A wolfie and elephant made by Maaike from

I've been asking people to try out my sewing patterns quite a bit lately, and 2 of them have sent me some pictures of the results :D I personally think they turned out awesome, that's why I asked both of them if it would be okay to share the pictures with all of you, but what's even more awesome is that they made them using just the pattern pieces! No instructions except for maybe a line of gibberish :)

Turns out that I love seeing what others make using my patterns, so I made a special Flickr group where everyone can post pictures of their results :D

And don't forget to let me know what your favorite item on is, it's the last day to leave your comment and have a chance at winning the 15 euro gift certificate.

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