July 11, 2011

"Free Taggies-toy Tutorial"

I started making these little cuties a little while ago and since they're really simple, and easy to make I figured I'd share the pattern instead of offering it for sale. The pattern includes a cat, rabbit and bear and comes with a page of written instructions and easy to follow illustrations.

Don't forget to let me know what you think, if enough people like it I might share more in the future :D

Download the PDF-file

And feel free to upload pictures of the finished softies to my special Colorsofmyworld Softies Flickr group :D

Please don't offer the pattern for sale, I don't mind if you sell softies made using it since they're really simple and I'm not a genius for coming up with the idea, but please just redirect people to this blog if they're interested.


Geeky Sweetheart said...

ooh thanks :-) I'm super pregnant at the moment and can only manage small sewing projects because sitting upright makes my feet swell up like you wouldn't believe! :-)) so I might give these a go!

x GS

Life's a poem said...

Thanks for sharing - I love taggies to make and this one is so sweet and simple.

Geeky Sweetheart said...

Sewed and blogged here: http://geekysweetheart.blogspot.com/2011/07/tutorial-how-to-make-jingle-bell-plush.html


Linda said...

Hi I Really Like your great tutorials!!!

I Link to you on my Blog,


Thanks for sharing :-)

Anonymous said...

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