February 3, 2011

Spartacus: Blood and Sand.....

The last week or so I've spent more time hanging on my couch or in my bed than on my feet due to the flu and other nasty things, but there's always something positive that comes out of being sick and this time it was my new love for Spartacus :D

I've always loved the original movie with Kirk Douglas, so when I found out there was a new (supposedly really gory and hot) series I couldn't wait. Unfortunately the dutch tv-network that was responsible for airing it decided it needed an unhuman timeslot, which means I ended up only seeing 2 or 3 episodes before the first season was over :(

So, because I was sick, a friend of mine brought over his dvd's and I watched them all! I suggest you all do the same (unless half naked people on your tv screen every 5 seconds freak you out, then this really isn't the show for you).

Best things about it:
- An actual story-line that (most of the time) makes quite a bit of sense
- The costumes! They should win an oscar (along with the ones on the Tudors)
- More than enough action to keep you entertained
- A handful of lovestories to even out all the action
- Lots of naked people! (I'm not one that minds, clearly)


Stoffenjunkie said...

Yup, my favourite show of the moment together with "Justified".

Did you know there is a prequel being made: "Gods of the Arena", seen 2 episodes and it's almost just as good.

Gr. Denise

colorsofmyworld said...

Whats'Justfied about? Haven't heard about that one :(

I know, and there's also going to be a season 2!!! I haven't seen the prequel episodes so far, but I believe there'll only be about 6 episodes, so I'll just download/buy them when they've all aired.