November 20, 2010

Bottle Cap Necklaces....

I started working on a new project a few weeks ago because I had a ton of images that were too large for my smaller pendants and rings but too small for the large pendants and I really wanted to use, I started looking for charms that were the right size, couldn't find any and figured that since bottle caps were about the right size they might do the trick.

After some begging for bottle caps on Twitter and getting messy with paint and my new resin I was able to finish a handfull of them :D They're all recycled since I don't see why I should buy caps especially made for charms and throw out perfectly good ones, and they're all painted with either silver or gold paint to match the necklaces. The paint's protected with 2 layers of varnish (both in- and outside) and the images are of course protected by a thick layer of resin.

They'll be in the shops asap :D

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