June 3, 2010

My really cool idea........backfired :(

Remember that really cool idea I mentioned last time? Well, it kinda backfired :(
I found a really cool way to make 'gemstone-like' pendants/beads/etc etc using polymer clay, but what they forgot to tell me that the stuff used to get that effect doesn't exactly melt at 130'C and since that's apparently the highest temp allowed for Fimo I'm in trouble :( So far this is what I got..........and a few burned ones that ended up in the trash, just to be safe.

First attempt: Nothing melted at ALL so I just poured some on top of the baked pendant just to check if I could get it to melt and I did :D It ended up looking like something exploded though. This is the only on that's varnished btw.

Second attempt: Things started to melt, you can see the light swirly looking things inside, but it turned out there was too much stuff on top instead of in the clay.

Third (today's) attempt: Looking much better, things melted (or kinda exploded) inside, there's loads of little swirls and dots, but there's still some unmelted stuff, mostly just underneath the surface :(

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