November 7, 2009

Help me out here......

I'm working on a new project and I need a bit of help: If you'd have to buy an animal image/painting/drawing/toy etc etc for a little kid, what would you buy?

- a rabbit
- a ladybug
- an elephant
- a caterpillar
- a butterfly
- a cow
- a pig
- a bird
- a sheep
- a snail
- a monkey
- a bear

I need help figuring out what to make first, so comment please :)


Anonymous said...

Sheep:) they're cute!
Love your blog too, good luck:)

colorsofmyworld said...

Thanks :D I'll make sure to start out with sheep

Anouska said...

I like ladybugs, i'm curious how your softies are going to turn out :)